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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries, there live the Motion Capture. Separated it lives a part from the animation but Motion Capture is a part of it. It´s a part of the common workflows in Visual Effects and Videogames but it´s a bit unknow. With this posts we want to bring it to you, to have a better understanding from technical to artistical.


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First thing first, we need to know what is motion capture. Basically mocap, motion capture or body tracking is the technical name of getting values from body motions through some tech. We can use several ways to get it and several ways to use it.

Nowadays we can divide the tech in 3 different pilars:
–  Motion Capture

  • Inertial Motion Capture
  • Optical Motion Capture
  • Videobased Motion Capture (IA and other ways)

Every system has its own special requeriments and methods to obtain it. But as a starter point we can say that the main differences are:

  • Inertial Motion Capture : IMUS (Inertial sensors /Giroscopes /Acelerometers)
  • Optical Motion Capture : Infrared or reflection cameras to take a point in the space, based in trigonometry.
  • Videobased Motion Capture : From RGB Videos to maths.

And this is our very first post about Motion Capture.


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