Motion Capture in Spain - Madrid for Video Games

Motion capture



Our stage in Spain is full of features and great technology innovation. Feel free to jump in and develope your projects with us.

Body Tracking

Optitrack Prime Camera Rig up to 1000 Frames per second for tracking all your ideas. Infrared Based.

Face Tracking

We do facial mocap with different methods and Infrared HMCs, Blendshapes, ARKit and much more.

Hand Tracking

We have several ways to get finger tracking like optical marker sets, inertial gloves and Stretchsense hapticss.

Virtual Cameras

Use Virtual Cameras in stage at the same time you are directing your actors.

Props Tracking

Tracking everything you need in animation for your project with our props tracking.

Creature Tracking

Optical base system for tracking animals, creatures and bio-enginering.

How it works?

A smart client-clean workflow to make it easier for you.

Unreal Engine Studio

Mocap Recording

Based on you motion capture necesities we develope and prepare the shootings. You just need to take care of the acting.

Mocap Review

We prepare a secure SSL online session with reference videos and skeleton-overlay videos. You just need to select wich files you want to be processed.

Mocap Delivery

Depending of your target software we will prepare the file formats as your wish. BVH, FBX, TAK...

Our Special Features

Interesting stuff around the Mocap Stage

Multiple Actors at the same time

Use different actors for your scenes collaborating and interacting.

Maintaining Milestones

Custom Project Tracking to achieve every single milestone.

PTZ Remote Camera

Direct your scenes from home. We have a robotic camera with AI actors tracking.

Professional Actors

Lead your cinematics with our professional actors list.

Daily Files Review

The same day you will shoot will be the same day you will get a review session of the files.

Custom Props

If you need special props, ropes, etc just let us know to find the best way to do it.

Stage ScreenShots

Some pictures behind the scenes.

Lovely Customers

We really love to work and collaborate with everyone and do better things. That´s our phylosophy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic knowledge for your understanding.

Motion Capture in Spain - Madrid for Video Games

It´s the way to get tracking data from something or someone. Depeding of the system could be inertial mocap, optical mocap, hybrid mocap and AI based.

Common clothing is neo-prene based. It´s a good thermic and elastic way to cover your body wich allows us to stick on the motion capture markers.

You can do tracking for almost everything. It´s a process where we are here to help you and guide you to get your objetive.

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